Avalanche City- Love, love, love. Do it! by isthisreallywhatyouwanted-deact

doinnnnggg. :) 

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My dear lexi (: my friend found this band online named Jaymay and literally no one knows about them, but the singer is amazing. I thought you might enjoy their song "Grey or Blue." I feel like there's a possibilty you and I might the same music interest. Enjoy and have a splendid evening! (: by isthisreallywhatyouwanted-deact

Oh my gosh! Madison, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song so much, I saw you quote it in one of your posts I believe :) I feel like that is a definite possibility, please notify me of any other obscure music findings and I shall do the same! :)

If you get a sec

check out my own personal blog, for my music and poetry and photography and the sort. :)

And in case you’re out of the loop.

In the meantime, while I’m awaiting interviewee’s (hint hint)

I’m plan to write about anything and everything musical.

Kind of. Sort of.


there’s a website called Grooveshark.


and it is the epitome of heavenly music searching.

For freeeee.

STEP 1: Make an account.

STEP 2: Either browse for specific artists or songs, OR choose one of the radio stations.( I most strongly recommend the indie station:) )

STEP 3: By clicking the cute little smilies and adding songs to your personal playlist, you personalize that radio stations music selection.woot woot.

STEP 4: Once you build up your musical librarium, you can add songs into your own named playlists, for example “songs for a rainy day.”(cause it rained every so lovely yesterday.)

*STEP 5: If you have a phone other than an iPhone, because apple is stubborn and won’t cooperate :(, then you can get the grooveshark app! Listen to your tunes in your car, at the gym, at school. Entirely free.

It is absolutely positively brilliant, and just basically rocks socks.



lexi. :)

Happy valentines day,kiddos.:)

Listen to some good tunes. I recommend Valentine-Kina Grannis Cupid-Jack Johnson And the classic L-O-V-E- Nat King Cold.

Xoxoxox, Lexi.:)


it’s a wholehearted tie between my baby grand piano and my itty bitty ukulele.

that’s a toughy.

This is for real.

This is Hallwaves.

a blog dedicated to boosting the social know-how of high school bands and musicians (with the occasional exception to middle school and elementary school kiddos, but only the legitimate ones, of course.)

Whether you’re a haphazardly thrown together band, who hasn’t played a gig outside of your Scottsdale home’s garage,

or a singer/songwriter guitarista who frequents every open mic night in town,

or anything and everything in between,

I want to know about you; I want to let the world know about you.

Hallwaves. can and  will open doors for you, for it is my utmost goal.

Doors to communication with other highschool musicians.

Doors to gig opportunites.

Doors to information on everything from music contests,concerts, and possible collaborations.

And doors to much, much more. Hopefully more than you could possibly imagine. More than I can possibly imagine.Fingers crossed, of course.

So Why Hallwaves. you ask? Because I get it; I’m a musician,and musicians think like other musicians, and we all just want our music to be shared with anyone and everyone.

So to all you musicians out there, my future interviewees,

this is a call to you. 

a call to action, to adventure;

to share with me your story, the meaning behind your melodies and the motivation behind your music. I will be the translator between you and the world in the conversations you are trying to instigate,speaking in your language of music;Turning notes into nouns and verses into verbs.

So if you’re ready to join the incredible world that is and will be Hallwaves.

send your inquiries and interests to moi.

kay cool? kay cool.

Sincerely and most lovingly,

your Hallwaves. visionaire,

Lexi. :)

I’m Lexi. :)
I am a musician; Singer, song writer, arranger, guitarist, pianist, bongo and ukulele player. Basically.
And I am the author of this blog. :)